Green Stock Teen Fund
Donate today and help a make a teen’s Christmas dreams come true

A creative new fund, the “Green*Stock*Teen” Fund was established to provide a gift to teens ages 13-19 who may not otherwise receive a holiday gift. The local Red Stocking Fund in Ottawa has been providing gifts for children age 12 and under for many years. The new fund was created by the staff of Lady Di’s in Ottawa, who has provided gifts to area youth for more than 20 years. Donations of teen gifts and monetary contributions to the fund are needed year-round. 

In 2018 and 2019, the Green Stock Teen Fund was able to raise over $6,000 to be used to buy gifts and supplies for needy teens in the Ottawa area, allowing for many teens to have a Christmas gift that they wouldn’t have had without the fund. With the support of so many in the community, the fund has come a long way!

Your unrestricted donation to the Leadership Fund for Now is just that, a gift for NOW. It enables us to operate, provides funds for immediate distribution to area agencies and charitable initiatives and helps us build the core administrative fund. The Leadership Fund for Now is made up of unrestricted donations, earnings on investments, and administrative fees. This is where we need your donation the most.
Pamela Beckett
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