Grant Information

SRCCF Community, Art and Women Inspired Network Grants are open to programs and projects that focus on our community in just about every imaginable field.


Our Grants

The Art Grants are specific, of course, to the Arts field and the Women Inspired Network Grants are focused on programs and services that enhance and empower the lives of women and children. Community Grants may be submitted for those programs and projects having significant impact on the quality of life throughout Starved Rock Country and beyond.

Grant applicants will be notified of the outcome of their grant request within 30 days of the end
of the Grant Review Session. Those organizations awarded grants will be sent a Grant Award
Notice along with the check in the amount of the grant. By accepting the check, the recipient
agrees to abide by the terms of the Grant, without exception. Failure to do so will result in a
pay-back situation.

Community Grants

Community Grants may be submitted year-round and are reviewed and awarded quarterly. There is a maximum of $1500 per grant.

Art Grants

Art Grants can be submitted twice each year. Grants generally range from $250 to $3000+. There is a 25% cash match required. The amount we have to offer in each grant season varies, and depends on the funding we receive from other sources such as the National Endowment for the Arts and the Illinois Arts Council.

Women Inspired Network Grants

The Women Inspired Network (WIN) Grant is available once each year. Applications are accepted in September and the grant is awarded in November at the annual WIN Gala.

Introducing our newest funding opportunity

Ottawa Community Events HeadStart Funding

We are pleased to partner with non-profit organizations, schools, libraries, and other charitable community groups who support the Ottawa community

Contact & Requirements

For any questions, reach out to us below

Janice Corrigan

Director of Operations for WIN & Community Grants

Amanda Zehr

Administrator of The Arts of Starved Rock Country Fund

  • Applicants must have tax-exempt status under Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code, operate under a fiscal sponsor that is a 501 (c) 3 organization, be a local unit of local, county, state or federal government or be a tax-exempt religious organization as recognized by the IRS
  • Program must be available to residents of LaSalle, Bureau, Putnam, Marshall, Lee or Livingston Counties; however, programs do not have to serve all six counties
  • Program must be operated and organized in such a manner that no applicable antidiscrimination laws are violated; program must not proselytize for a particular religion or cause
  • Organizations that have received past grants from theĀ  SRCCF must be current on all grant Final Reports
  • Executive Director, CEO or President of the Board of an organization applying must approve the application
  • Has potential to be on-going and self sufficient beyond the time of funding
  • Offers creative and innovative solutions to address the identified need by building on proven practical methods
  • Utilizes clear methods of measuring and reporting results with emphasis on objective, quantifiable measurements
  • Is cost effective as reflected by the number of participants served vs program budget
  • Non program-related expenses, including most personnel expenses
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Periodic and annual fundraising events and expenses
  • Capital improvements or expenditures
  • Conference or continuing education expenses
  • Scholarships

We regret that not all projects can be funded. A denial should not be viewed as a negative reflection on an organization or program, but rather a result of the number of applications received and the amount of funding available.

Grant Applications

For information on how to apply to our various grants

Community Grants

Women Inspired Network Grants

Art Grants

Ottawa Community Events Headstart Funding