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Connecting people who care with causes that matter

Starved Rock Country Community Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving and maintaining the quality of life for residents in and around LaSalle, Bureau and Putnam counties in Illinois.  Through the generosity of our donors who support our mission to connect people who care with causes that matter, SRCCF has received more than $6.1 million in total contributions and has distributed $2.2 million through nearly 200 grants to charitable organizations, scholarships and disaster relief funds.

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Grow Spring Valley Fiscal Sponsorship

Logan’s Oasis Playground Field Of Interest Fund

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Ranging from scholarships for the arts to community grants, SRCCF is a collection of resources given by generous donors to support education, health care, childcare, economic development, tourism, conservation, beautification and to meet the needs of our communities at large.

Established in 2015

Starved Rock Country Community Foundation has awarded more than 132 scholarships and grants.


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As a grant-making public charity, Starved Rock Country Community Foundation brings donors and community agencies of all backgrounds together to improve and maintain the quality of life in Bureau, LaSalle, and Putnam Counties – forever.

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The Starved Rock Country Community Foundation (SRCCF) is a 501(c)3 organization as designated by the IRS and the state of Illinois. We are a grant-making public charity dedicated to improving the lives of people in LaSalle, Bureau and Putnam Counties.

An unrestricted donation to the "Leadership Fund For Now is the best way to support Starved Rock Country Communication Foundation! These generous donations help support our daily operations and provide us with flexibility we need to further our mission with greater effectiveness.

Starved Rock County Community Foundation supports a variety of not-for-profit organizations in our area. Generally, we partner with community agencies that support the environment, conservation, education, arts, healthcare, childcare, tourism, economic development, and/or the needs and challenges of the community at-large.