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Frequently Asked Questions

The Starved Rock Country Community Foundation (SRCCF) is a 501(c)3 organization as designated by the IRS and the state of Illinois. We are a grant-making public charity dedicated to improving the lives of people in LaSalle, Bureau and Putnam Counties.

An unrestricted donation to the "Leadership Fund For Now is the best way to support Starved Rock Country Communication Foundation! These generous donations help support our daily operations and provide us with flexibility we need to further our mission with greater effectiveness.

Starved Rock County Community Foundation supports a variety of not-for-profit organizations in our area. Generally, we partner with community agencies that support the environment, conservation, education, arts, healthcare, childcare, tourism, economic development, and/or the needs and challenges of the community at-large.

Our donors are individuals, families, corporations, private foundations and charitable organizations who wish to make a difference in the lives of others and/or to help make our communities a better place. Donors range from people of modest means to those with substantial financial resources!

Not only does SRCCF provide IRS reporting, accounting, investment management, and financial accountability for all our funds, but also we ensure that all recipients meet the IRS requirements for tax-exempt status and monies granted are used for its intended purpose. Where appropriate, SRCCF also advises potential grant recipients of the donor’s intent to request proposals or fund certain categories of interest.

As a donor, you will also receive quarterly fund statements and kept informed of special community needs, grant opportunities, and more.

SRCCF offers a number of important financial benefits through charitable giving, including but not limited to reduced administrative costs, service fees and the maximum tax advantage allowed by law.

SRCCF accepts cash, publicly-traded and privately held securities, immovable property and other assets - such as artwork, grain and/or livestock! If you're interested in making a contribution or have any additional questions regarding making a donation to SRCCF, please do not hesitate to reach out. We'd be happy to help assist you!

Starting a fund is simple and can easily be done in a day. You can set up an unrestricted fund to help meet a variety of needs within the community, or specify a purpose or area of concern to support with a field of interest fund. Some donors choose a designated fund which identifies a single charitable organization to support. Others opt for a Donor Advised fund, that allows active involvement in recommending grants. You also may name the fund you create – for yourself, a spouse, family members, a company, or a friend.

By partnering with SRCCF and creating your own fund, your values will continue to have a presence in your community for generations to come. Also, because of SRCCF's legal status as a public charity, a fund can be established and tax advantages can be secured in a very short amount of time.

That's okay! We offer a variety of options to help connect you with causes that matter most to you. If interested, we also encourage donations to the "Leadership Fund For Now" becuase it is the best way to help SRCCF directly! These generous donations help provide us with flexibility we need to further our mission and support our daily operations.

There is no cost to establish a fund at SRCCF. To ensure that more charitable dollars go towards the projects and issues close to your heart, we will handle your fund’s grant administration, tax reporting and record keeping for a low annual administrative fee of 2%.

Yes! Starved Rock Country Community Foundation is grateful for our donors, we will respect your privacy should you wish not to be recognized.

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