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SRCCF is proud to have the Youth Engaged in Philanthropy initiative under our wing. YEP was created to teach local youth about the need for philanthropy, what it is, who needs it, who benefits from it and how we can impact it. Beginning in October of 2016, YEP has a final goal at the culmination of their first year; they wish to award a $500 grant which focuses on inspiring and empowering youth to achieve their highest potential. The application available above can be filled out by those wishing to apply for the grant. The members of YEP will be distributing the application, but it will also be available here to download and fill out. YEP has come a long way in a short amount of time and has become a true source of philanthropic inspiration for young people in the area. 

Your unrestricted donation to the Leadership Fund for Now is just that, a gift for NOW. It enables us to operate, provides funds for immediate distribution to area agencies and charitable initiatives and helps us build the core administrative fund. The Leadership Fund for Now is made up of unrestricted donations, earnings on investments, and administrative fees. This is where we need your donation the most.
Pamela Beckett
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