Quarter Auction Tornado Benefit To Be Held At Moose Lodge In Streator

On May 18 at the Moose Lodge in Streator there will be a “quarter auction” held from 6:00pm to 8:30pm where all proceeds will go towards the Ottawa/Naplate Disaster Recovery Fund run by the Starved Rock Country Community Foundation. The event will host 23 unique local vendors, each offering a door prize, three items to be auctioned and options for direct sales items.

A quarter auction is part raffle, part auction, part fundraiser and also a direct sales party. Participants will choose a numbered paddle upon entry for the cost of $1. The paddle will have a corresponding numbered chip that will be placed in a drawing basket. There will be 50/50 and door prize drawings that each cost $1 as well.

When the auction begins, an announcer will present an item and announce whether the item is a 1-quarter bid, 2-quarter bid or a 3-quarter bid. The announcer will then draw a number to determine a winner after bids are placed.

This event will host a plethora of different vendors, including but not limited to: Mary Kay, Pampered Chef and Scentsy. For more information about the event or how to get involved, please contact Kate Gretenchord at 815-252-5531.

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