The Lamb Family has partnered with The Starved Rock Country Community Foundation to bring not one, but two new funds to Starved Rock Country. This fund, The Lamb Family Fund for Ability and Adaption, was started with a generous $100,000 gift from George and Cindy Lamb in anticipation of making charitable gifts to organizations and agencies that serve individuals living with physical disabilities. This fund is in line with the other fund the Lamb family helped create, The Lamb Family Fund for Crotty Park Playground, by intending to help families and individuals with physical disabilities in the Starved Rock County area and specifically in Seneca, where the Lamb family has a long-standing residency and relationship with those in the community.

The Lamb family has shown continued enthusiasm for helping and supporting individuals with physical disabilities, which makes these two new funds another very strong avenue in which they can resume doing what they do best, helping those who need it.

If you or anyone you know wants to participate in helping individuals with physical disabilities in the Starved Rock Country area, don’t hesitate to hit that donate button at the top of the page and give to this incredible cause.  Any amount given can and will help disabled individuals, so don’t be afraid to give whatever you can. To learn more about the Lamb family, how long they have lived and contributed to the community of Seneca and their other fund, please visit here.


Your unrestricted donation to the Leadership Fund for Now is just that, a gift for NOW. It enables us to operate, provides funds for immediate distribution to area agencies and charitable initiatives and helps us build the core administrative fund. The Leadership Fund for Now is made up of unrestricted donations, earnings on investments, and administrative fees. This is where we need your donation the most.
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