SRCCF Draw Down Raffle!

We welcome you to join the first Starved Rock Country Community Foundation’s Double Elimination Draw Down! With prizes ranging from $100 to $2500, it’s sure to be an exciting evening. We are holding the draw down to raise money for our Operations Fund, which is what allows us to continue to strive to better Starved … Continued

Thank You American Wind Symphony Orchestra!

We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to the American Wind Symphony Orchestra, Maestro Boudreau, all of the host families, the city of Ottawa, the community and the generous donors that all played an integral part in making these past two visits of the AWSO unforgettable experiences. Both concerts at Allen Park were phenomenal … Continued

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Tornados

Below is an article penned by Liz Davis on the North Central Behavioral Health Systems website discussing how some of the people affected by the February 28th tornado in Ottawa/Naplate could be experiencing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Liz highlights the symptoms of PTSD in the article while also touching on what steps … Continued

Ottawa First United Methodist Church Encourages Continued Giving

Pastor Cheri Stewart and Chair of Finance Larry Windsor of Ottawa First Methodist Church recently received a check from the United Methodist Church Congregation that they usually designate for a specific purpose in the church, however, this year the Pastor and Mr. Windsor have decided to donate that check to the Disaster Recovery Fund at … Continued

Local Band “The Premium” Donates $1000 To Disaster Recovery Fund

We recently received another $1000 donation from local band The Premium here at SRCCF! The Premium held a benefit concert on March 12 at Pinheadz Entertainment Center in Naplate where some proceeds from the concert and venue went to the Disaster Recovery Fund. The band and venue were able to raise $2000 at the benefit. … Continued

American Wind Symphony Orchestra Will Host Patron’s Event

In addition to the multiple concerts and community interactions the AWSO will be bringing to our area, there will also be a VIP Patron’s Event held on the Point Counterpoint II Thursday, June 22. The VIP event will be a lavish wine and cheese affair where patrons can meet members of the orchestra, Music Director … Continued

2nd Annual TBM Avengers Event Concludes

The 2nd Annual TBM Avengers Event was held this past Saturday at the Illinois Valley Regional Airport and was a great success! Check out some pictures and testimonials from the event at TBM Avenger, Inc.Hopefully we will be able to continue to bring this incredible event to our area for years to come! Thank you … Continued

The American Wind Symphony Orchestra Visits Ottawa

The American Wind Symphony Orchestra is quite the spectacle to behold. Started in 1957 by Music Director Robert Boudreau, the AWSO is a troupe of approximately 45 musicians, soloists and artists that perform and present their art on the Point Counterpoint II vessel, which can be classified as a floating arts center. The artists that … Continued

Winners of Tucker Tillman Award Announced

TILLMAN AWARD WINNERS AT MARQUETTE ACADEMY SCORE DOUBLE       The Starved Rock Country Community Foundation is honored to announce that, for the first-time, the recipient of the Tom Tillman Award presented by Marquette Academy, has been accompanied by a cash scholarship. Through the generosity of Shalanda Rabadan, the niece of “Tucker” Tillman, the Thomas … Continued

Quarter Auction Tornado Benefit To Be Held At Moose Lodge In Streator

On May 18 at the Moose Lodge in Streator there will be a “quarter auction” held from 6:00pm to 8:30pm where all proceeds will go towards the Ottawa/Naplate Disaster Recovery Fund run by the Starved Rock Country Community Foundation. The event will host 23 unique local vendors, each offering a door prize, three items to … Continued

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